Frog’s Social Networking Comments Stream icon Just because my eyes are red and skin is green doesn't mean I take pills or other body altering substances. FrogToons on Blogurp


FrogToons on SocialCrave The cold rain turned today into a day off so I can sit inside and complain about the weather. FrogToons on SocialCrave


FrogToons on SocialCrave When I experience a major failure of expensive or critical equipment, I take a deep breath and consider all my options in a professional manner before I start throwing a temper tantrum and crying. FrogToons on SocialCrave icon I got nothing done today, and I have a lot of nothing left over for me to not get done tomorrow too. FrogToons on Blogurp


FrogToons on I discovered that unlike a conventional torture chamber, a hospital charges you for the horrors they inflict. FrogToons on FriendProject icon Sometimes house cleaning is necessary when the clutter is so great that I can't find a door to go outside to get the mail. 02-20-2014


FrogToons on SocialCrave It's always something to keep us on our toes, or on the floor crying. 02-19-2014


FrogToons on Who am I? I'm a frog, green, 4 legs, no tail, swims great. Father of 500 tadpoles except for the ones the fish ate. 02-18-2014


FrogToons on SocialCrave I will never understand the thinking process of totally stupid people. 02-03-2014


FrogToons on One interesting project I have is not buying stuff I don't need or want so I can buy other stuff that I don't need or want. 02-02-2014


FrogToons on I just throw my clean clothes on the floor. The dog likes them and I don't have to bother hanging things up. 02-01-2014 icon Road kill is hard to identify but it is delicious. 01-28-2014 icon The funny thing about surviving on earth is that our loved ones usually cause us more misery than our enemies do. 01-27-2014


FrogToons on Sometimes I need the coffee so much in the morning I don't even add water - I just eat it. 01-26-2014


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